Thursday, May 22, 2014

Resistance Paperback Update

So here’s the deal on the Resistance paperback. I received my latest proof copy yesterday, as expected. My first reaction upon seeing it was, Oh, it’s a lot thinner than my first proof. :( And yes, add the sad face into the reaction. That’s not exactly the reaction you hope for when you’re potentially holding the final version of your book. The thing is, if you know me well, you know I love thick books (even if it means less royalties). My first proof copy made me so happy. It was just so substantial and heavy. I loved it. The second proof copy is closer to a standard thick book, which is perfectly fine unless you’re like me and want it to be more of an epic, monstrous-sized book. Now to what I plan to do about it. I’ve approved the thinner copy, because, aside from my personal beef with the size, it turned out very nicely. It is now showing up for sale on my CreateSpace eStore (purchase button below). In order to make myself feel better, in the next week, I am going to be formatting it AGAIN (yes, this the the third time I will be formatting a 140,00 word book in less than a month, ugh) with a slightly larger size of the new font I used. It’s only half a size bigger, but it should make it closer to the original thickness. And you now what? I had a feeling I should have done this from the beginning. I really should have listened to my gut. I would have saved myself a whole LOT of trouble. I could just try to get over it, but when it comes to Ilyon Chronicles, I can’t settle for less. However, I did want to have the book available in the meantime. Nothing else is going to change about it, and the price will stay the same. So, if you can’t bear to wait and don’t mind if the book isn’t 800 pages long (okay, I exaggerate, it was 550 pages), then you can order the current paperback (484 pages) from CreateSpace. As soon as I have the final version finished, I’ll set it to be listed on Amazon as well.
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  1. Aw what a bummer your have to change it again! :( However I'm glad that your going to change it so that you can REALLY be happy with the final product! :)

    1. That's the way publishing goes. When something works, something else is bound to go wrong. At this point, the best thing is just to laugh about it and get done what needs to be done. ;)