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lyon Chronicles - Book 6

For three years, the Resistance has suffered under oppression, first from Emperor Daican, and then from his daughter. Now it is time to fight back.

Status: Writing

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Until I finish writing and begin editing, I will not be able to give a publication estimate.


  1. Praying for you to be able to relax and find nothing but joyful excitement in leading us to an awesome and wonderfully satisfying ending to this amazing series! Kathy L. - Glendale, Arizona

  2. Glad to see you have made good progress! I’m eager for the release of DAICAN’S HEIR! Kathy Lucas - Glendale, Arizona

  3. You are so amazing Mrs. Knight!!! YOU GOOOOOOOOO!!!! I love your series!!!! You are the best writer in the whole world!!!!!

  4. Super excited for this new addition to the series to be published!

  5. Very, very excited for this one!

  6. I just read through the series over the past couple months! I love these books and can't wait for this one!