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Daican's Heir Character Q&A #4

Welcome to the final part of the Daican's Heir Character Q&A! The end of this one does have some spoilers for the book, but I do give warning before we delve into those questions. And even though this is the final part of the Q&A, today is the start of the Ilyon vs. Fandom Hunger Games, which will go through until Friday, so make sure you check that out as well. Each day of the games will be posted here on the blog.

Kyrin gets up to answer the door, greeting those on the other side. One by one, Rachel, James, Aric, Anne, and Aaron enter the cabin. After a bunch of shuffling and rearranging furniture, everyone finds a seat somewhere or another. Kyrin gets everyone tea or coffee, and I offer the newcomers cookies.

“Thanks for joining us,” I tell them. I notice James looks particularly nervous. He and Rachel have never been to one of these before. I decide to start with someone more used to it. “So, Aaron, I only have one question for you, but I thought it was a really good question. Isabelle would like to know what your favorite memory of your parents is?”

“That’s a good question.” He sits and thinks about it for a moment. “One thing I’ll always remember about my mother is that she loved to sing. She was always singing. For living in such bleak conditions, it brought so much joy to our home. That’s my favorite memory of her.”

“Aww, I didn’t know that. That’s sweet. What about your father?”

“The one thing I will always remember about him is how hard he worked to provide for all of us. He was so dedicated to giving us the best life we could have despite what was against us. That is what I hope to be able to do for my family.”

“You’ve already done that for me for years,” Timothy says. “So I know you will do it for Lacy and Isaac too.”

Aaron gives him a grateful smile, and I just watch them happily. I just love brother relationships, and I’ve had so much fun writing about the two of them. Then I snap my attention back to the questions. “All right, looks like the next question I have is for Anne. Rebecca wants to know if you still have the lily necklace Trask gave you. She desperately hopes that you happened to be wearing it the day that disgusting captain burned your home. She wanted to beat him up, so she was very glad that Trask saved her the trouble.”

“Thankfully, I was wearing it that day, and still wear it most of the time.” She holds it up for everyone to see. “And I’m sure you’re not the only one who wished Goler harm.”

I nod in agreement. “He was pretty disgusting.” I take a quick sip of tea before turning to Aric. “Rebecca also wants to know how you were able, mentally and emotionally, to stay so long in Aurea, and how did you know for sure it was time to leave for good?”

“It wasn’t easy, especially not after what happened with William. Not trying to intervene that day was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I still wish I had even though I know it would not have made a difference. I stayed because I believed I could do good and it was where Elôm wanted me. That is what I held on to. I didn’t have much choice about leaving. I knew I had to get Daniel out and my cover would be blown after that.”

“Yeah, with Davira on the warpath, there’s no way you could have stayed even if you had managed to keep your cover intact. I have a feeling she would have figured you out sooner rather than later.” I cringe at the thought. “All right, these next several questions are for Rachel and James.”

James seems to shrink into his chair a little.

“Don’t worry. They are too bad. I’ll start with your mother first.” I shift my attention to Rachel. First, could you tell us about your favorite childhood memory? Were you ever disappointed that you didn’t have a sister?”

“Oh, let’s see. I think the first childhood memory that jumps to mind is when I received my first pony for my seventh birthday. Charles had already had one for a couple of years, and I was so jealous. I was the little sister who wanted to do everything he did. So when I finally got that pony, I had so much fun being able to ride with him.”

Kyrin shakes her head. “You and Jace are so much alike.”

Rachel smiles and continues. “Yes, I was disappointed I never had a sister. Disappointed not to have a younger sibling in general. At least when I was young. I did not enjoy being treated as the baby of the family. I wanted to be treated more like Charles. Of course, my perceptions changed as I grew up and matured. I do still think it would have been fun to have a sister, but Charles and I are very close, and I’m very thankful for that.”

I flip to the next question. “So how were you able to immediately recognize Jace after twenty years, and what were you thinking and feeling?”

“I don’t know if I can really explain how I recognized Jace other than mother’s intuition. Something inside of me just reacted the first time he met my gaze, and I just knew. The pull I felt toward him was just so strong. I did question myself and wondered if I was crazy. It seemed so impossible. But I just couldn’t let go of what I felt upon seeing him. I’m just thankful I acted upon it.”

“I’m sure everyone else is too. Can you tell everyone how your relationship with James has progressed since Jace visited?”

“At first it was very difficult, but since he became a believer in Elôm, it has been wonderful. We have not been this close since he was a small child. The way we were able to connect and grow our relationship is something I will always cherish.”

I give James what I hope is a comforting smile, and he straightens. “I only have two pretty simple questions for you. First, what made you believe in Elôm? And second, if you could only tell Jace one thing, what would it be?”

James breathes out slowly. He seems a bit relieved that the questions aren’t too invasive. Or maybe he was expecting more hostility.

“Coming to know Elôm was all thanks to Charles and his persistence. It took a lot for him to get past my guilt and self-loathing, but I was also desperate. Thankfully, he didn’t give up, and I was eventually ready to see the truth. As for what I’d say to Jace, I’d say I’m sorry. About everything.” He looks over at him as he says this.

“I’ve already forgiven you,” Jace responds.

James nods and murmurs, “Thank you.”

I flip through the last few remaining cards. “Okay, these last questions can’t really be answered properly without containing spoilers, so I’m going to pause right here and say, if you haven’t read Daican’s Heir yet, you should probably stop reading this and come back once you’ve finished.”









“I mean it. Definite spoilers are coming up. Continue at your own reading peril.”

Kaden shakes his head. “Oh great, this is where those questions you keep threatening are coming, isn’t it.”

“Yup. Let’s dive in, shall we?”

He rubs his hand over his face.

“First off, Kaden, you’re one of the only Landale Resistance members not attached. How does that make you feel?”

He sighs dramatically. “There are plenty of unattached bachelors around here.” He gestures to Marcus, Holden, and Rayad.”

“Yeah, but that doesn’t answer the question.”

“Honestly, I’ve hardly had time to think about it. I mean, sure, a relationship would be nice, but it would have been kind of hard during war. Others managed it, but I was fine simply focusing on our goal to stop Davira. I already had enough people I was afraid to lose anyway.”

“True.” I fight back a smile. “And now for the question you knew was coming. Will you ever find a special girl?”

He pauses and gives me a mischievous look. “I don’t know. Will I?”

I study him and narrow my eyes. “You’re seeing someone right now, aren’t you?”

He shrugs. “You’re the author. You tell me.”

I shake my head. “You and Trenna have been spending time together, haven’t you?”


Talas grins. “They have.”

Kaden glances at him. “I mean, we’re just friends right now while we get to know each other. It’s not like we’re a couple yet or anything.”

I pin my gaze on Talas. “Since you chimed in, are you seeing anyone?”

“Seeing anyone? No. But I might be talking to someone.”

“And would that happen to be Darq’s cousin?”

“Maybe. Let’s just say that she knows I exist and her brothers haven’t tried to kill me yet, so there’s that. Where it goes from there, I don’t know. At least she seems to put up with me being too friendly for a crete.”

“Well, I guess that answers that question. You definitely deserve someone who will appreciate that aspect of you.” I toss those cards aside. Not many left. “Now we have one for me. E. Dison wants to know if more major characters going to die. She’s cried every time, especially when William died, and I don’t blame her for that. I cried too.” I don’t meet Kyrin or her brothers’ eyes. “Well, there is one sad death in Daican’s Heir.” I can’t help noticing Kaden giving me a dour look. I wince. “Listen, I’m sorry about what happened. I really am. But at least you’re not dead. That whole thing could have been much worse.”

He snorts. “I’m not sure how.”

“Fair point. But again, at least you’re alive. I can’t say more than that other, but I will give you information on two characters who were originally supposed to die in the book but didn’t. First is Trev. He was going to die defending Kyrin during a certain event near the midpoint of the book. I was planning on it all the way up until I started writing the scene, but then I changed my mind. I didn’t serve a purpose and felt unnecessary, so I scrapped that idea. The second character who was supposed to die was Holden. Readers will know exactly when that was supposed to happen. I had it planned all the way back when I was first writing Resistance and plotting the series. However, by the time I actually got to writing Daican’s Heir, Jace and Holden had become such close friends, there was no way I could go through with it. I had no idea they would end up as close as they did through the series, and Jace has lost too much already. I wasn’t going to take one of his best friends away from him now.”

Holden and Jace look at each other and then at me with mildly horrified expressions.

“I guess I should thank you?” Holden says.

“No need to thank me. I’m very glad you survived. And just so you know, my mom says you need a good woman and has requested I write a story where you find one. So that may be something we get to explore since you’re not dead.”

Holden just stares at me, mouth open. “I…don’t even know what to say to that.”

I laugh. “I think it could be fun.”

He just shakes his head, though I notice Jace looks amused now.

“All right, everyone, I’ve got the final questions, and it seems fitting that this Q&A ends with Jace and Kyrin.”

That amused look vanishes, and Jace sighs now. “I think I already know what’s coming.”

“It’s not hard to guess. Obviously, people want to know if you have kids and if they’ll get to see them in this book.”

Jace looks over at Kyrin, who smiles. “There may be a baby in the book.”

I smile happily too. “And what is Jace like as a father?”

Kyrin’s expression turns especially loving. “He’s a wonderful father. Everyone knows how protective he is, but he’s so sweet and gentle too. And he’s very hands-on. Not all fathers are like that. I know he was really worried about becoming a father, but he did not have to worry at all.”

Jace ducks his head, but I can tell he is smiling.

“Jace, Morgan wants to know how many kids you want.”

“I don’t know how many kids I want to have. However many we end up with, I guess.” He glances a Kyrin. “Probably not too many.”

She laughs. “So probably not a cabin full like my family, right?”

Jace winces. “It sounds a little…chaotic.”

She nods. “Yeah, we probably won’t have quite that many.”

“Well,” I say as I look around the cabin, “I think that’s about it. We covered most of the questions I received. Thank you all for being here and putting up with this again. I know everyone enjoys it, and I hope they will all find Daican’s Heir a satisfying conclusion to your stories. At least for the main storyline. Some of you may get a few side stories.”

I look specifically at Holden, and he shakes his head.



  1. Ohh, so interesting to hear about who was supposed to die and didn’t! Also, thank you for that. :)

    And yes! More short stories, please!

  2. Definitely more side stories!! We can’t just leave them!

  3. I was expecting WAY more deaths than happened and was honestly stunned that the one didn't happen. Thank you for sparing us more heartache!

    I will read anything Ilyon-related that you ever write :)