Saturday, February 25, 2023

The Future of Ilyon

I hope everyone enjoyed release week for Daican's Heir! I can't believe, after all these years, the series is complete. This has been nearly twelve years of my life so far. Now that it has reached its conclusion, I thought it would be fun to write a post about how I see some of my characters' futures going after the end of Daican's Heir. While I may write some short stories about it, I can't promise anything. Don't worry, just because I don't mention some characters doesn't mean anything bad happens to them. ;) Spoiler warning! I wouldn't suggest reading any further until you've read DH.

Jace & Kyrin

First, here are some inspiration pictures I have for Grace as she gets older. Isn't she an adorable toddler?

And then, a couple of years after DH, they have a set of twin boys. One will be named William Aldor, and the other, for some reason, is insisting on Jarek Michael (can you tell which is the more outgoing twin?). Will is the quieter, shy one, a lot like Jace. Jarek, on the other hand, is going to be a lot like his uncle Kaden. :)

These are all the children I foresee Jace and Kyrin having. I never saw them with a big family. I'm not sure Jace would handle that well. LOL


As is hinted at in DH, Kaden and Trenna do become a couple and get married. Originally, I had Trenna in the book, but trying to write a romance between the two of them with everything else going on in the plot just became too complicated, and I cut it all out. But that was always the plan for them. Opposite of Jace and Kyrin, I see them having a whole bunch of kids. Two sets of twins for sure. So probably about seven kids when it's all said and done. They'll probably have this giant, sprawling treehouse in Landale Forest near Jace and Kyrin.

Leetra & Timothy

Despite Leetra coming from a really big family, I don't see them having many kids. I just don't think Leetra is the type, as much as she loves her siblings. And I see them having all girls. I don't know why. But I think Timothy would make the most adorable girl dad. So, I'm foreseeing them having two or three daughters. These are two pictures I have as inspiration.

Aaron & Lacy

I'm not sure how many kids they'll end up with, but I do know their next child will be a girl.


I don't know when or who he'll marry, but he will eventually. I see him and his family living in the Altair home at Mernin.

Daniel & Elanor

Just as Daniel dreamed, the two of them do have a bunch of kids. They have a daughter after Elan, and then I think, maybe, two more sons and another daughter. Maybe even more than that. I don't know exactly.

Trask & Anne

They have two more sons after Axen. A few years pass of them thinking they won't be able to have any more children after that, but they will then be surprised with a daughter. Obviously, being quite a bit younger and having three older brothers, she'll be absolutely spoiled.


Ronny joins the Landale Dragon Riders immediately after he turns eighteen. A few years after that, he and Meredith get married. :)


As soon as trust is built between them, Daniel pretty much adopts Collin as a brother. Both Collin and Elodie are fully accepted as family in the palace. I think Collin ends up getting married a few years after DH and has a son. And, for anyone wondering, Elodie is a darling little girl. Nothing like her mother at all. This is one of my inspiration pics for her.

Rachel & Elian

And, finally, to answer the question I'm sure many of you will be wondering after the epilogue: Rachel and Elian have a son. So, Jace will have a little brother. I just felt like Elian should have a son. And it gives him and Rachel a chance to raise a son together like they were robbed of being able to do with Jace.

So, that's more or less what I know will happen after the series. I really do hope I can write and share some short stories because I'm not sure I'm ready to completely leave these characters behind yet.


  1. THIS IS THE BEST!!! Timothy’s girls… oh my!! They are the most precious things ever!! He has to have at least three!! And Elodie!! *heart melts* oh my! Looks like she has a bit of a stubborn/mischievous streak, but SO sweet!!!

    And Kaden with a big family! Yes!!! And Trask and Anne being surprised later on … it’s so perfect!

  2. I was supposed to be sweeping, went to find music, and ended up here unable to stop smiling… *insert gibberish happy noises* 🥰

  3. This is perfect! I love it all! The inspiration photos are so scary accurate for your characters!!! Obviously if you write something one day we’ll all love it but this is so satisfying to me.


    Grace is so cute! Jace and Kyrin's twins are the coolest!


    Oh, I am so glad Collin gets married and has a boy too. <3

    -Rebekah Stargazer

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