Monday, February 20, 2023

The Hunger Games: Ilyon vs. Fandom - Day 1

Welcome to the first Ilyon vs. Fandom Hunger Games! I was introduced to this Hunger Games simulator by my friend, Addy. She showed it to me, Morgan Huneke, and Tricia Mingerink during our writing retreat last year, and we all laughed our heads off as we gleefully pitted various characters against each other. (One simulation resulted in Leith and Martyn from The Blades of Acktar holding hands. Lol!) When I started planning fun events for the release of Daican's Heir, Addy once again brought up the simulator and said I should do it for the release. So, here we are. For the next five days, you will see various Ilyon characters battling it out. But it didn't seem fun to just have my own characters killing each other, so I decided to do half Ilyon characters, and half characters from some of my favorite fandoms. Below are screencaps from the simulator for day one, as well as my thoughts on the events (click the pictures to make them bigger).

If you would like to run your own Ilyon vs. Fandom simulation, you can do so here.

For our Ilyon contestants we have, Jace and Holden, Leetra and Falcor, Kaden and Talas, Daniel and Davira, Aaron and Alex, and The General and Richard.

Representing the Merlin fandom, we have Merlin, Arthur, Morgana, and Uther.

Representing the Star Wars fandom (specifically The Clone Wars), we have Hondo Ohnaka, Cad Bane, Maul, and General Krell (who I added for absolutely no other reason than hoping he dies a terrible death. He deserves a thousand of them.)

Representing Middle-earth, we have Aragorn and Thranduil, because how funny would that be to see King Sassy Pants in The Hunger Games?

And, finally, representing the Grishaverse, we have Kaz Brekker and The Darkling.

Who do you want to win the Ilyon vs. Fandom Hunger Games? I'd love to read your thoughts, speculations, and who you're rooting for in the comments!

Now, without further ado, let the games begin, and may the odds be ever in your (favorite character's) favor!

Day 1

Fallen Tributes

Night 1

And that concludes our first full day of the Ilyon vs. Fandom Hunger Games. Can't say I'm very happy with King Sassy Pants at the moment. Be sure to check back tomorrow for day two!


  1. I’m already sad. Jace and Kaden are both dead!!! What’s funny is if these character really were all in an arena together, I think it would be Jace and Aragorn at the end and they are both gone already.


    Aragorn though. XD

    And after ALL that time of keeping gunpowder OUT of Ilyon Davira finds it. XD XD XD

    I can't even. I love it.

    Jace AND Kaden? *cry face*