Monday, May 18, 2015

Resistance Anniversary Celebration - Sneak Peek #3

Sneak peek time! Here’s a little bit from a scene between Jace and Holden in Samara’s Peril.


Jace looked up as Holden left the shelter and offered him a plate of beans and salt pork that Mick had prepared for them.

“Thanks.” He sighed, stirring the beans listlessly before finally taking a bite.

Holden took a seat on second stool. “She’s still inside?”

Jace met his gaze and gave a short nod. If Holden had noticed, then he wasn’t just paranoid.

“You should go talk to her.”

Jace sighed again. Of course, in a close community like this, he couldn’t hope the rift between him and Kyrin had gone unnoticed. “I don’t think she wants to see me.”

Holden shrugged, and gave him a pointed look. “Or maybe she’s just waiting for you to come.”

Jace wasn’t as sure, but if he had to wonder much longer it was going to kill him. He picked at his food, but it was the thought of Kyrin that made him keep eating.

“You know, Jace.”

He focused again on Holden.

“When you’ve been scarred by a past like you and I have, it can shadow things and make it difficult to differentiate between who we are now and who we were in the past. We’re not the men we were. You can’t let yourself fall into the trap of thinking you are. It’ll only ruin you.”

Jace stared at his dish, considering these words. Of everyone in camp, Holden would understand his struggle the best. The two of them had the most in common as far as past bloodshed and the regret of it, but the one thing they didn’t share was Jace’s ryrik blood. None of them would ever know how much it tortured him and kept him held captive to his fears.

Copyright 2015 by Jaye L. Knight


  1. Oohhh... You're killing us with these sneak peeks, Jaye. xD

  2. OoooooooooooH!....Come, book, come.

  3. Now I'm going crazy, coming up with scenarios where Jace and Kyrin might have a fight.

  4. Eek!! I just need to read Samara's Peril like, right now!! ;D Jace! And Kyrin!! And... a rift between them? O.O What has happened??

    So intrigued!! <3

  5. Wow! So excited for this book!

  6. EEEP.


    I'm...I'm a little scared...

  7. my heart!!!! o my o my, I have to read this book RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm dying!!!!

  8. I just finished Resistance and The King's Scrolls, dying to move on in the series. I LOVE this stuff!