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Resistance Anniversary Celebration - Sneak Peek #4

Here is the final sneak peek for the Resistance Anniversary Celebration! It was technically supposed to go up yesterday, but since it was a holiday and there was a lot going on, I postponed it until today. For this sneak peek, I have another scene from Samara's Peril.

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She walked to the door to set her boots down and looked out the window toward the fire pit. A few flames still licked at the logs. Three figures sat around the fire. In the orange glow, she saw Kaden’s face and recognized their other two older brothers.

Not yet ready for sleep, Kyrin slipped her boots back on and grabbed her coat. “I’m going out by the fire,” she told her mother and Lenae.

Quietly opening the door, she stepped out into the cool night and pulled on her coat. Her brothers’ deep voices and chuckles drew her closer. She was surprised more weren’t gathered here, but on a night like this, time with loved ones was precious and they’d probably been left alone on purpose.
All three looked up when she reached the firelight. “I hope I’m not interrupting any boy talk.”

Marcus shook his head. “We were just remembering some of the things we used to do as kids.”

Claiming a seat next to Kaden, Kyrin said, “We sure had some fun.”

“Remember the old swamp fort?” her twin asked.

Kyrin smiled fondly. “That was especially fun.” Their mother never thought much of them always tromping home muddied and wet, but their father had built them a small fort there anyway, complete with a working drawbridge. She frowned. “Except you three always made me the princess who was trapped by cave drakes.”

Marcus chuckled. “And Kaden was the evil knight standing guard.”

“Was not,” Kaden protested.

Kyrin cocked her brow wryly. “Actually, you were.”

He couldn’t argue with her memory so he shrugged. “Well, I had more fun throwing mud at Marcus than pretending to be the hero.”

All four of them laughed. Of course, Marcus was always the hero coming to rescue the princess with his trusty companion Liam following.

“Those were the days,” Kyrin breathed.

The men nodded.

“But I’ll never forget that one time we came back plastered in mud and the General had come for a visit.” Marcus shook his head. “He was furious.”

Kyrin’s mind jumped back to that day, but it wasn’t their grandfather’s displeasure with them that stood out to her. It was his heated words with their father. William had tried to get him to realize they were just children enjoying their play, but the General wouldn’t have any of it. That was just before Kyrin and Kaden were taken away.

Kyrin shook off these memories as Kaden murmured, “I wonder if he’ll be in Samara.”

They all looked at him.

“He’ll be there,” Marcus said with quiet certainty. “He’ll be at the front, leading.”

Silence settled as they each came to terms with this. It was the first time Kyrin had considered her brothers facing the General, their grandfather, in battle.
Copyright 2015 by Jaye L. Knight
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  1. This scene is adorable! I cannot wait to read the book!

  2. Oy. *grits teeth* Of all villains or co-villains or semi-villains or supporting-villains in any book I've ever read, their grandfather is the worst.

  3. Aw, sweetness. Except that the end . . . oh dear.

  4. Eek! So excited for this book! Sounds like there will be a battle on a much larger scale that before!

  5. Micailah CialellaMay 27, 2015 at 2:09 PM

    *fangirl squeals*

  6. That was great! I love sibling moments like that. (Kaden is hilarious!) :D
    Samara's Peril- AHH! Can't wait!